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Europe Backroads Bike Tours

Backroads bike trips are an excellent opportunity to experience a range of scenery. You will be able to appreciate expansive vistas of the countryside, lovely cities, and exhilarating rides. Backroads also provide multi-adventure tours, with biking as one of the primary activities.

Backroads offer over 200 journeys in 44 different countries. Their guides are warm and accommodating and provide both premium and casual lodgings. Backroads also offer personalized journeys that can be tailored to your specifications. For example, some excursions include more activities, such as wine tastings, than others.

Cycling in the European countryside may be an enjoyable experience. The scenery is beautiful, and they are dotted with bike routes. Many bicycle trips include stops at local attractions. In addition, you will get the chance to experience Michelin-starred cuisine. Backroads offer hiking tours in addition to bicycle rides. These trips are an excellent way to experience each country's top attractions. They provide an unforgettable experience, so book your next tour immediately!

Backroads is a leader in active travel on a global scale. It has been in operation for almost three decades, and its global crew spends days designing the most excellent possible excursions. As a result, backroads have the perfect bike trip for you, whether you're an expert biker or a beginner. And while you are cycling, you will be supported throughout the journey. You can also board a shuttle to meet up with other passengers.

The newest alliance between Backroads and AmaWaterways promises to broaden the possibilities available to cyclists and offer an unforgettable vacation experience. In 2019, the two businesses will sail the Rhine and Danube. The new river cruise ship AmaMagna will entertain around sixty Backroads cyclists. It will be twice as wide as traditional European river cruise ships and have brand-new amenities.

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